Giveaway: TOUS Jewelry Necklace

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Like I mentioned yesterday, TOUS Jewelry Philippines has been kind enough to offer one of my lucky blog readers a chance to take home one of their signature pieces. Here it is:


This is one of their classic necklaces with their adorable TOUS Bear as the design. It is gold-plated and made with high quality craftsmanship in Spain. TOUS Jewelry wants to be part of your life’s tender stories, so they create pieces that are meant to last. This is what the necklace looks like on me:


It’s so pretty that I don’t want to part with it. But, alas, promises are made to be kept. So here are my giveaway rules:

Step 1: Like my blog’s Facebook page AND TOUS Philippines Facebook page.

Step 2: (You only need to choose one of these options)

a. Leave a comment sharing a tender story in 150 words or less on this page.


b. Regram my FB announcement or IG post about this giveaway.


c. If you’re not much of a writer leave your email address using the Rafflecopter widget below. It’s worth a shot.


d. If you really want to make an impact and have the time, do all THREE options.

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Raffle promo ends on July 31, 2015. TOUS will choose their winner during the first week of August. 

UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS TO ANABELLE LEE FOR WINNING THIS BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE. Aside from doing all three option, Annabelle wrote a beautiful story in  the comments section below. Enjoy your necklace. 🙂

*You must have a Philippine address to join*

Feel free to learn more about TOUS Philippines through their:

Facebook | Instagram | Website

TOUS is located at Level 1, Glorietta 2, Makati
Telephone number: (632) 8863964



  1. Lorevi Dela Merced says

    What is a tender story? I do not know perhaps. But what I know is that the necklace reminds me of my son who lives far from me because I work here in the city. I couldn’t help but to smile and think of him. He is my teddy bear comes alive, so sweet and cuddly, huggable yet vulnerable in many ways. I just love him like a little kid who doesn’t want to be parted with his bestfriend Teddy.

  2. Let’s short for a story….
    So, I’m dating this wonderful man, and he has a big family. And a close one. I’m not a social forward person and prefer the night in watching Netflix to the weekly dinners he has with his family. Sometime I dread them. At one point I met his sister and her kids. I don’t do well with kids. At all. All I’m good at doing with them, if they sit still long enough, is braiding hair. So, then I found out his cousin has daughters, like three of them. For some reason, they love me and want my attention and all I can think is. ‘Well, if you all sit down, I’ll braid your hair.’ So I did, and what ever kind of universal test for acceptance there was I passed and finally felt okay with my guy’s family. At least the ones with braid-able hair. This giveaway necklace, if I won, might end up as a gift for his niece for her birthday.

  3. When talking about tender moments, my kids are always on top of my list. But today, let me dedicate this post to my husband. Having 2 kids in a span of 2 years can really take a toll in any marriage. I am thankful for my husband who makes an extra effort to make life light and easier for us. A daily dose of hugs and kisses can really make a big difference. Waking up a little bit early for cuddle time with the kids or going home with a little something for us can really put warmth in our hearts.

    My husband is my real life teddy bear. He gives comfort and support.

  4. Evangeline Go says

    If there is one person I would cry for, it would be my dad. (although I love my parents just the same) My dad is the smartest and toughest person I know, along with most frugal and hot-tempered. hehe He doesn’t voice out his feelings but shower us with love through actions. I will never forget our weekend dates of lugaw , lomi and halo-halo. When I was about to go to college, he insisted I take a shorter course so that I could still stay at home, I did not listen, since I was dead-set to pursue Medicine; and he still supported my choice and finances. I remember asking him if financially we would be able to pay for it, and I’ll never forget the word he answered,”kakayanin”. He had always believed that I had luck in me, so might as well try it here. hehe

  5. Well, I have this cute baby sister. Whenever, she would eat a twin popsicle, she would always want it to be broken in half and she would eat one half. But, she would always give the other half to our mom. If I ever get to win this necklace, I would give it to her as a gift because of her care and thoughtfulness.

  6. My best tender story would be the day I became a Mom. I had a bery high risk pregnancy, had been bed rested for a couple of months. And in those months, what I just did? Read books to my little nugget, sang lullaby songs and really just talked to him. Pregnancy is really amazing, just feeling his feet in my tummy really makes me smile and makes me want to do everything for him. Having to feel him inside me.. It was an incredible experience and this also made me much closer to God. Whenever I talk to my little one, it was not just our conversation but we are actially 3 who’s having a conversations and this includes our Almighty Creator. Eye bags, sleepless nights, muscle and back pain, nausea and vomiting meant nothing to me compared to the joy I was feeling whenever I feel him move inside my belly. But there are some things we cannot control. Unfortunately, my bag accidentally broke. I’ve accepted it with my whole heart and I just thought that maybe my little one was so excited to see me and see how beautiful our world is. I gave birth when I was 33weeks via CS and I am so proud with my battle scar. My baby had to be inside the incubator for 2weeks because his lungs are not yet fully developed. Night and day my hubby and I prayed. And I was the only one who got to visit him at NICU. I cried when I first saw him. My heart broke into pieces. He was so small and so thin and fragile. But I did not loose hope. I hold on to my Faith. And after 2weeks, we got to take him home with us. The first time I touched those tiny fingers and toes. That moment when I kissed him. That moment when I saw my hubby holding him and hugging him. That moment when pur family welcomed our baby at home. They actually cooked delicious foods for us, they welcomed our little one with a cake and a banner and that moment when my hubby whispered to my ears.. “We did it Bi! Thank God! I love you!” These are my tender moments. And having this fine jewelry from tous philippines would be wonderful! It could be my reward. Thank you and More Power to Tous Philippines for making all the women more beautiful with all your creations. These women could be a friend, a sister, a wife or a Mother like me!

  7. Nothing melts the heart like soft resonating words of love. I am not a poet and I admit I am not good in writing but I always make sure to go extra mile to make my wife happy. From the day I met her, I knew that she loves receiving love letters so whenever I express how much I love her into writing and whenever I see her reaction while reading it.. That’s my tender moment. We even have a collection of our letters to each other and maybe one day would like our children then grandchildren to read it. I believe that nothing beats the old hand written notes when ir comes to expreasions of romance. And I’d like to have this beautiful necklace to give it to my beautiful wife for her birthday is just around the corner. Thank you and God Bless!

  8. My husband and I have been married for three years. We have been trying to have a child even before we got married. I found out that I had complications. So here goes our tender story: Earlier this year, I had to go through laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, my very first operation. Scary! Letting go of all fear, I am truly blessed that my husband took care of me completely all through out. Since then, our fertility journey has not been successful just yet. We were given a time frame that if we don’t get pregnant within six months, it would be difficult as my medications get stronger each cycle. With all these pressures from friends, family, loved ones and life, I am so glad that my husband and I are the closest ever. He is my bestest friend. We realized that we are happy no matter what and to just accept by surrendering to the Higher Power. I don’t really join contests but winning the Tous necklace would be a reminder not to give up hope and to celebrate my husband as he has been the cutest and cuddliest & most suporttive bear in my life. Plus, it would serve as sort of the law of attraction for a Baby bear to be born to us.

  9. Shelly Ann Itay says

    words like tender, calm, love, pure, best and so on, always remind me of and are the words I use to describe my 4yo nephew, JANPONG. was born blind…though he doesn’t see us, he’s a very normal boy. He’s active, madaldal to the max and playful…i always make sure to visit him on weekends…when I laugh coz of his funny deeds or new words/acts he learn or when I hear him saying ‘hello tita ann’ and especially when I hear him laughing, ohhhh, always brings calm to my soul. That boy is a piece of heaven here on earth…the apple of my eye. One of the best blessings from up above. ♥ p.s. If I win, will give the necklace to janpong’s mom, one of the strongest women I know.

  10. Michael Barlis says

    It’s rarely that I cook, so whenever I cook for my wife that’s a tender story/moment for us. Yes, I can only cook eggs and sausage but that what makes my wife giggle “kilig” as they simple things touches our hearts the most. And what matters most is the thought, the effort and the love I put on it.

  11. sherry ann gole cruz says

    tender moments,hmm,perhaps giving your marriage a second chance , we been through many trials but we do survived and still holding to each other,we are north and south pole but learning to accept our mistakes and having that as our guide to better or best relationship for the sake of our kids, for the sake of the love we still have for each other! i am not the best wife but i am trying to be the best!

  12. Agnes Enriquez says

    I wonder if this passes as a tender story . But tenderness comes from caring…caring for children God has entrusted us with. Love and total surrender of giving up a career I think are also the main ingredients to it. As days quickly passed, and looking back now., my teddy bears – the very cuddly and sweet smelling babies I honestly adore (up to now) , I cannot take them in my arms now so I wish this give-away patches up the longings.

  13. Sheena Jane Lopez says

    thankyou tousphilippines for this awesome opportunity to win this lovely bearnecklace. “this bear story of mine is dedicated to the woman who gave her life for us her 6 children. ”
    I was born poor and not having enough for living.., having 6 siblings we grew up always working hard to survive 3meals a day.. ,,there will always be a time we take breakfast and skip the rest And then go to sleep… I always could remember my Mama crying to bed,, crying to God but I never heared her complaining to God with our situation instead she always thought us to give thanks to the Lord good or bad. Her courage and her faith to God made her the most wonderful mother ever- waking up so early to prepare us breAkfast,, pick laundries, and pick our neighbor’s laundry to provide our school’s project and- bAon-… for sleeping so late just to Finnish her peanutbutter for additional income… for taking care of PApa after his work in the pottery and for washing his hands before he eats. I just thought it will fit the necklace in her,, as well as the bear who always give comfort and shelter to her family and setting the family first to her priorities.. I love you ma, for cooking the best paksiw in the whole universe.. I love the carrot juice everymorning to keep us healthy.. and I hope I’ve done a good job to win this for your birthday..
    and I did this ma,, I never thought I could write like this,,,…

  14. The feeling of friendship maybe something I would relate as “tender story”. I have this friend, who made my wish come true — to receive a teddy bear stuffed toy for my birthday. I’ve never been such a pretty girl to anyone for them to give me chocolates, or roses or teddy bears. But he gave me a very beautiful one, which was proceeded by another one that is even bigger and I was literally crying when he gave me that. It’s as if he was reading my heart so I hugged him tightly and this necklace from Tous is just the perfect reminder of that memorable thing my friend (boyfriend, close friend, you name it) ever did.

  15. Annabelle Lee-Barlis says

    Exactly 1 1/2years ago, I fell crazy in love for the second time. First was with my hubby and then that called “Love at first sight” happened when I gave birth to Gab. And everyday since then, it’s only gotten crazier. My tender moment would be aside from the day that this beautiful blessing came to our lives, would be when we celebrated his 1st Birthday. That moment when we were surrounded by our families and friends and we all sang happy birthday and that moment when my first born was about to blow his candle.. Our moments together from the day he was born up to our breastfeeding session, diaper changing, napping, bathing, feeding, rocking & singing him to sleep to the very last cuddling we always do before he goes to sleep flashes back to my mind. And whenever I need a miracle, I just look into my baby’s eyes and realized we’ve already created one. And i just hope and pray that these moments never grow old. Just like what Tous Philippines jewelries are all about TIMELESS, CLASSIC, NEVER GROW OLD and MEANT TO LAST. 🙂

  16. april evangelista says

    (I’m not really writer, but i’ll give it a shot. ?)
    Well, before am happy working..corporate stuff, IT biz and living alone ony 20 sq/ft studio.
    Once in a while I travel..I do what I wish to do. In short, I guess I’m living a life
    I thought was perfect. Not until my son came. It totally crazy. It’s very different.
    Not what I imagined like(well i guess my mama handled us, 3kids gracefully!).
    I like kids in general, but this..this I LOVE. It’s a love, hate relationship. I admit it, i’m no perfect mother.
    But I know it’s simply love whenever my kiddo asked i tucked him to bed..”Nanay..akap.”.
    Tanggal ang pagod at walang duda, this one is the perfect life.

  17. Regine Mariz Susano says

    This is My short tender story. Whenever i see a teddy. I remember my dad. My grandma told me my Papa brought me a Big Teddy bear when i was a baby. Till i reached my 5 years old of existence the teddy was still mine. Without my teddy i cannot sleep at night. It really reminds me of my childhood. That’s why, whenever i see a teddy displayed at the mall the only person i remembered is my dad. Either a small or big teddy has a huge impact for me.

    But sad things happen during typhoon in our province all my stuff was carried away by the strong typhoon. The only teddy that my dad brought me was already gone. But life must go on. Eventhough he’s gone his memories still remains. My dad passed away when i was 1year old. I didn’t see him personally. That’s really makes me feel incomplete. I loved my dad so much. Thats my Tender teddy story. Thank you tousphilippines for giving a chance to win this adorable teddy necklace. Hope i’m one of the super lucky winner Thank you so much.

  18. A tender story so close to my heart was the day I let my golden retriever rest forever.
    He has been with my family for 12 years. Given to me by my dad, we treasured him and always look forward to coming home to see his happy face and wiggling tail to welcome us back. I know it’s a clichè that dogs are man’s best friend, I find that they do not only stay with you through the good and the bad, but they protect you from harm and never leave your side once you build a loving relationship with them. We had to put him to rest after 12 years because he got sick with Leptospirosis and being confined at the vet’s for 2 days only showed him to become weaker and in so much pain. It broke my heart to see his sad eyes knowing that he would not last another day with us. It was a bond we shared to be able to read the look his eyes gave, sadness. It’s been 3 years since and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. I miss you everyday, Kid! I’ve always wanted to wear something to remember him by. This necklace made me think of him. Thanks so much for this opportunity to share his memory and to join this giveaway!

  19. Frances Joy Lopez says

    One amazing tender story I have is I became a Mother. Pregnancy is surprisingly amazing. Having her inside my tummy make me feel very important. I always pray to GOD to make her safe and healthy inside me. From The day i met her, I knew it will be an everlasting/unconditional love. Her smile makes me smile. her laugh is infectious. Her heart is pure and true. Above all I love that is my daughter. Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into you and realize I’ve already created ONE. God’s Gift.

    Thanks! God Bless! More Power! 🙂

  20. I can think of a lot of tender moments in my life but there is always the story that I tell and that is how I learned to become a mother. I lost my first son to Leukemia when he turned 6 years old, I could say that moving on was a challenge and I thought I would never get over his death until I became a mother again to two beautiful kids. My loss taught me so much and that especially how to become a better mom. That beautiful necklace will serve as reminder to me that my kids are the best thing that have happened to me.

  21. I can think of a lot of tender moments in my life but there is always the story that I tell and that is how I learned to become a mother. I lost my first son to Leukemia when he turned 6 years old, I could say that moving on was a challenge and I thought I would never get over his death until I became a mother again to two beautiful kids. My loss taught me so much and that especially how to become a better mom. That beautiful necklace will serve as reminder to me that my kids are the best thing that has happened to me.

  22. Gino Klint Jugalbot says

    My tender moments is not about me, but about my 90 yrs. Old lolo and 87 yrs. Old lola. Nowadays, you can rarely find old folks whose so deeply in love with each other. For 60+years they are still into each other. Every morning my lolo and lola will have breakfast at the patio. My lolo woke up early than my lola. He will get a paperclip or a clothes pin and clip it on a daily newspaper, so when my lola will read on it, the pages wouldn’t be out of places. Thats a simple tender moments but showed enough love for each other

  23. Lizelle Lazo says

    I am a mother of five. Age ranging from 18-1 y/o. Spending time with them like going on weekly dates to one or more or all of them made all memorable tender moments in my life. But the most ones that I cherish is when I’m with them at home and see how they take care of each other simply makes me proud that I am their mum.

  24. IchenHere says

    l;ooking back to when i was a student where i’ve been too many struggles in life, financially to be specific and my parents seems to almost give up on us, their childen. i’ve push through my studies as i graduated 1st honorable mentioned in highschool.. it was indeed a great achievemnt for my parents, it was for their hardship,They really deserve to be awarded. Until i graduated as Bachelor of science in accountancy as well as my 3 siblings. Horraayyy for all the parents who never give up on their family. So much LOVE for my Mama and Papa..Greaful to have Them. :* ♥ (almost joined 4 options..hahaha)

  25. Just a short story: I have a wonderful mom!

  26. Mylene Bustamante says

    Uhm, I have the best family ever 🙂

  27. Abel Bustamante says

    Words can’t express how I love my family.

  28. Jerilyn Guinto says

    My tender story is being a Mom of a preschool son. Its my first time to send my baby to school and finally this is it! A very heartwarming feeling to see my son interacting with other kids and participating with them. Im almost teary eyed when the first time i send him to his room and realized that he’s not a baby anymore. Im a first time Mom and its my first year of having a preschool son and the feeling i have was unexplainable. The support and the love i have for him was 100% and never ever be changed even his going bigger now. I am avery proud Mom and very thankful to God for letting me to feel the greatness of being a Mother

  29. Being tender for me is being SELFLESS.

    Allow me to share my post experience that I had when dealing depression. The plight is not tender and definitely hard to overcome. However, I would like to give my utmost gratitude to the people that surrounds me most especially my husband.

    I want to let him know that it really pays to be CONSIDERATE to my every need. It pays to be SENSITIVE on my every action. It pays just to BE THERE, to LISTEN, to me when I was crying for help!

    I want to let others know who might be going through some challenges to understand that it is OKAY to ask for help! It is OKAY to go to a doctor and it is more than okay to cry when you just can’t take it anymore!

    But there is one thing for sure that I would like to point out….

    It is NOT okay to end your life because there are just so many people around you who cares!

    Embrace life to the fullest! Everyone deserves a second chance. Live each day like there’s no tomorrow! Live yourself for others.

    To my partner in heaven and while I am going through hell, I cannot thank you enough for being so selfless and for helping me return my life. Your tender voice calms my mind. Your tender touch heals my heart, Your tender love brought my soul back to me.

  30. Lyne Ramos says

    I think most moms have many tender moments with their children. Something that will forever be etched in my heart is when my then 3 year old son saw a bunch of hair in the bathroom. He asked me about them and I said that they were my hair as I have falling hair and I lost quite a lot of hair everyday. He was silent for quite some time then hug me and said: “Don’t worry mommy, when we go to the supermarket, I will buy you many hair to replace those on the floor” He kissed me again and continued “You will not be KALBO!”

  31. Lolita Cruz Sanchez says

    My TENDER STORY – the narration of my struggles and success in reaching my goal.
    I’m a dressmaker, part time worker and a SINGLE MOM. I did my best, even doing multiple jobs, to surpass all the obstacles in giving my child the best gift – Education. Her father didn’t even communicate with us nor give financial support. However, through God’s help and my constant guidance, my daughter in return, never let me down; she’s a consistent FIRST HONOR from primary to secondary school. She applied for scholarship to pursue her studies and graduated as the College Valedictorian, passed the Licensure Exam with flying colors and now a REGISTERED NURSE in our country, which made me proud. It’s really not easy being the sole provider, but with faith in God, hope, and perseverance everything is possible.
    My sacrifices paid off and I was given the chance to fulfill the call of MOTHERHOOD.

    ————————————- 000————————————————–

    Thank you Ms.Cat and TOUS Philippines for this giveaway. This coming August 7 will be my daughter’s birthday so I’m hoping to give her a surprise through this simple means because that’s what a TENDER MOM do for her precious girl.

  32. Phebe Panganiban-Perea says

    Thank you for encouraging us to pause and ponder on tender moments of our lives.

    Being alive gives us countless moments of tenderness and it’s our choice to notice or treasure them. I’ve realized this in a challenging way for the past 5 months.

    I’ve faced the loss of a cousin (who was more like my sister) from cancer. She was a the kindest person I know. I lost a friend from leukemia. She was my partner in deriving in an outreach in the slum. Her kids are still very young. I lost a co teacher from an accident. His son was in my class last year. They are all in their late thirties. More than the pain and sadness I feel, words fail to describe the empty hole in their children’s hearts. Who would have thought that their children would be left early. I do not know how to comfort them but to remind them on tender moments they’ve shared with their parents. Cuddle time. Good morning kiss. A prayer to keep them safe. Opening gifts. Blowing candles. A hug that lingers long after you’ve let go of each other. The simple joy of just being together.
    And because of the lives lost and the love that transcends death that we’ve experienced, I am constantly reminded. I still have life and I should cherish each tender moment I have with my family. Tender moments that I should intentionally create each day with my family. So when the time comes for me to leave, they have tender moments to remind them of my love that would transcend even my grave.

  33. Hazel Lim says

    Only a few days after my boyfriend’s (now my husband and soon to be daddy to our first baby) very grand proposal, i ruptured my achilles tendon during a badminton game with my officemates. I was so devastated because i needed to have a surgery and put on a cast for 6 weeks. After the surgery, living on the 4th floor with no elevator and going from qc to sucat for work were just so hard! But God has blessed me with a great family and boyfriend. My parents have assigned “buhat” boys to carry me up and down the 4 floors everyday. Sometimes, my boyfriend would also do the lifting. At the start, my dad, who works in Malabon area, would drive me to my office in Sucat and pick me up at the end of the day. Later on, my boyfriend did the same thing. They would also accompany me during my therapy sessions. When i was disheartened about not being able to walk, it’s my dad who really pushed me and encouraged me. I can still remember the day I walked towards my dad without the clutches. I still cry everytime i remember that moment.

  34. elaine stephanie villanueva says

    hi is there a winner already? im excited! 🙂 hope there will be more giveaways! 🙂

  35. elaine stephanie villanueva says

    hi is there a winner already? thanks so excited!