The Parent Files

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As previously mentioned, earlier last year Patty and Pat Filart invited Carl and I to join them on an exciting online lifestyle channel adventure which grew into Industree TV.


They also invited me to come up with a show that we could produce for the channel’s first season. Being pregnant with Nara at the time, I realized that there was a lot that could be said about the exciting journey we call parenting, so I proposed a show that would offer different viewpoints about the crazy adventures that come with raising little humans. We decided to call it The Parent Files.

TPF Logo fThe format is simple: a 3-5 minute online show compiling the different viewpoints on a number of parenting topics.

We made sure to invite guests who had colorful experiences to share. We also made sure to invite the dads to come on also so viewers could get a better grasp of the parenting journey. Whether you’re already a parent or are just curious about parenting, I guarantee you that you’ll learn a little something from each episode.

Photo 08-01-2016, 5 52 37 AM

Here are some behind the scenes images a few of our guests from the first two episodes:

Photo 09-01-2016, 3 12 54 AM

Irina Otmakhova: certified doula and gentle birth advocate.

Photo 08-01-2016, 4 05 28 AM

Marla and Joel Darwin: graphics designers and new parents. They had a natural water birth at a birthing center. Marla also is a parenting columnist for Preen.

Photo 08-01-2016, 2 58 41 AM

Nicole Hernandez De Los Angeles: model and host of Eat Drink & Be Married. Mom to two gorgeous boys.

Photo 09-01-2016, 5 08 22 AM

Maricel Cua and Beng Feliciano: Best friends, moms, and the wonderful ladies behind The Parenting Emporium.

Photo 09-01-2016, 1 40 34 AM

Mi’Ann Oblea: mother and owner of

Photo 09-01-2016, 4 13 40 AM

Denise and Bogey Bernardo: Denise is the owner of Indigo Baby and Bogey is a creative director in a top ad agency in the country.

Photo 08-01-2016, 11 01 51 PM

Amber Folkman: a mom blogger who has made it her mission to find all the wonderful things our country has to offer.

Photo 08-01-2016, 5 42 16 AM

Michelle Aventajado: a special needs advocate, mother of 4 who also has a wonderful blog.

This season wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all our guests and some amazing sponsors.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.08.36 pm

A big thank you to The Parenting Emporium (Beng and Maricel) for believing so much in our show that they offered their full support for the entire season. I love how The Parent Files and The Parenting Emporium go together. We wanted a show that would educate, offer choices, and help parents find the best fit for the tasks presented without any judgement. The Parenting Emporium is in line with this belief and I’m so happy they decided to come on board.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.57.14 am

A big thank you as well to our wonderful set sponsors: Babyland, Milk & Honey, Wonderworld, and Pottly & Tubby for helping me put our awesome set together in less than three days! I’m not kidding. These brands are amazing and really went above and beyond for us.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.41.27 am

I’d also like to thank our other sponsors for trusting us. I hope they’ll be able to join us for the entire season: Baby Mama PH, Saya Baby, Hunt & Gather, Little Luli, Indigo Baby, and So True Naturals.

Here are links to the first two episodes!

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered you’re pregnant! Discover how other parents went through this special time in their lives and coped with some not-too-happy symptoms. There’s also lots of special advice for couples to take to heart at the end of our pilot episode!

It’s almost time for your little one to arrive. Do you know what you need to pack into your hospital birth bag? Listen to our parents share how they prepared, the items they packed, and even the items they wish they brought.

A big thank you to Patty and Patrick Filart for gently pushing me to make this idea a reality. Thank you to Carl for always supporting any crazy dream his wife has and adding his creative talents into the mix. Thank you to Thirty-Six-O Media’s team for being part of the production of the show. And of course, to our amazing sponsors and guests. We couldn’t have done this journey without your taking the time to share your support and experiences.

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We’d love to hear what you think!

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