A Trip to Kenny Rogers Roasters for Their OMG Unfried Fried Chicken

Having two children has definitely made me more conscious about what we eat in our household. And though we do try to eat 90% of the time, I still think it’s okay to indulge 10% of the time because life is all about balance. And if there is one dish that is a no-fail favorite indulgence for my kids, it is fried chicken: savory and crunchy, what else could little taste buds ask for?

KR11So you can imagine how curious and excited we were to try the latest item on the Kenny Rogers Roasters’ menu: OMG Unfried Fried Chicken. Can we actually include “fried chicken” now into our 90% eating healthy side of the scale? Check out our Kenny Rogers Roasters experience below:

KR10Confession: I actually hadn’t been back to Kenny Rogers Roasters in years! I was pleasantly surprised to discover that old favorites were still there and the staff were super warm and accommodating.

KR6Everything came so quickly and can you believe a meal good for three adults and two kids was less then 1,000 pesos? What a bargain.

KR5There were a number of delicious side dishes to choose from like buttered potatoes, coleslaw, carrots and corn, and fruits.

KR2And of course, how you can stop by Kenny Rogers Roasters and not have their much-loved corn muffins which were just as good as I remembered them. I even took a box home!

KR4The OMG Unfried Fried Chicken was crunchy and perfectly seasoned. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t fried making it a much healthier alternative to the regular fried variety in other establishments.

KR3This little one approved! I do believe we’ll be back soon!

KR8It’s no wonder Kenny Rogers Roasters has stood the test of time in the Philippines. Their quality and service are really hard to beat. Their signature roast chicken was definitely worth ordering as well.

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Food: Club Paradise, Palawan

IMG_0519Many of you know that Club Paradise holds a special place in our hearts. We chose it as our wedding venue for a number of reasons: its size, beauty, accommodating staff, and of course food. At that time, booking a room at the resort meant you could have three full meals at Ocean Restaurant.

IMG_0188This was a wonderful deal for our guests and they couldn’t stop praising the food. Our recent trip, which you can read about here, had us sampling the food once again. Here are some pics of our various smorgasbords.




IMG_0486You can even choose to dine on the beach:


IMG_0197Some of the other delicious meals we got to try:





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Try Local PH Turns One!

TLPH17Exactly one year ago, Francesca, Kristine, and I launched TryLocalPH: a social media movement with the aim to discover quality local concepts, places, brands, and ideas.

With over 21k likes on Instagram, 6k on Facebook, and over 29k tags from around the world, we can’t get over how awesome this year has been for us.

Photo 30-06-2016, 8 36 42 AM (1)

To the brands, local guides, photographers, and followers that have given this movement their time, talents, and support. We thank you from the bottom of our proudly local hearts and can’t wait to share what we have in store next!

In celebration of our first year for the 21k in followers, we invited 21 local brands we admire to join in the celebration by having an original illustration created by talented artist Jo Anne Coruña of @astudyofobjects. Here they are:

Photo 30-06-2016, 9 07 18 PMBodyfood All Natural is a small business made locally with many of its raw materials sourced from different parts of the country if not homemade and processed in its humble laboratory.

Photo 30-06-2016, 8 36 42 AMEphemera Traders: Ephemera Traders is a boutique producer of high quality Philippine coffee from the mountains of Bukidnon.

Photo 30-06-2016, 8 36 42 AM (2)Anthill Fabric Gallery: Anthill Fabric Gallery is a social and cultural enterprise working to preserve and promote our Philippine hand loomed traditions by applying them in contemporary applications of everyday essentials.

Photo 30-06-2016, 8 36 41 AMGood Food Community: Delivers organic veggies. All of their produce is local, furthermore they speak of what beautiful ecological diversity might taste like. The practice and the service illustrate what a relocalized community-based economy could be across the city-farm divide.

Photo 30-06-2016, 8 36 40 AMCat & Kai Handmade Jewelry: Lovers of the sea and environment! They love creating unique, handmade & personalised silver and seaglass jewelry.

Photo 26-06-2016, 3 06 39 PMProudly Promdi: They proudly distribute local handcrafted Bugnay and Tapuey Rice wine from the province of Ilocos Norte! We also make awesome wine cocktails too!

Photo 07-07-2016, 12 52 29 PMFlow Retreats: Flow holds their retreats in beautiful resorts and gorgeous beaches around the country, proudly showcasing the abundance of venues locally that one can reconnect with nature. Besides spreading wellness and healthy living, they also promote travel and tourism around the country.

Photo 06-07-2016, 7 21 08 AMBread & Botany: Bread&Botany is a finer diner concept that serves familiar fare, using innovative techniques and wholesome ingredients. Sandwiches inspired by global classics are the main feature, along with a strong focus on sides, which includes their house-spiced Fried Chicken.

Photo 05-07-2016, 7 50 36 AMTheo & Philo: Theo & Philo began from the founder’s interest in discovering single origin chocolates around the world– which led him to ask the question why there were no chocolates coming out of the Philippines when we have the natural resources and raw materials to make chocolates here. Since then, Theo & Philo has been one of the pioneers for crafting great quality local chocolates.

Photo 05-07-2016, 7 50 35 AMMayown: Mayown is a livelihood project that was started in a disadvantaged community in Pandacan, Manila. It’s founder began to teach women how to crochet her designs to help them earn money, as she found that “nice” jobs were hard to come by in the area. Mayown provided a flexible job with a good salary, perfect for a mom also responsible for caring for a whole family.

Photo 05-07-2016, 7 48 32 AMco.labCo.lab, established in 2011, is the first cross-sector coworking space in the Philippines. Today, there are over 25 coworking spaces in the country. As the way we work in today’s world is constantly changing, co.lab’s unique space allows entrepreneurial individuals and start ups to focus their efforts on shared learning, creating opportunities, discovering common interests and serendipitous moments.

Photo 05-07-2016, 2 43 32 PMBeyond BordersBeyond Borders strives to uphold a local tradition of weaving called Inabel. They work towards raising more awareness of this local craft, and to capture a wider audience market in hopes of helping perpetuate this tradition

Photo 05-07-2016, 2 43 32 PM (1)E. MurioExquisitely crafted in a quintessentially Filipino design,each E. Murio piece is made from only local and sustainable materials. Created using traditional methods of making by local craftsmen, allowing them to customize to your heart’s desire.

Photo 03-07-2016, 9 23 23 PMLittle Luli: Little Luli are makers of adorable children’s clothes and accessories. They are proud of their homegrown brand not only because they aim to design and make clothes and accessories for kids to enjoy but also because they showcase the good craftsmanship of local mananahis (dressmakers).

Photo 03-07-2016, 9 04 30 AMTali Handmade: Tali Handmade are handwoven straw bags made by women artisans. It is the brainchild of two entrepreneurial friends, both working moms, who were inspired to provide opportunities for others after a visit to female inmates at a city jail in the Philippines.

Photo 03-07-2016, 9 04 29 AMPottly N Tubby: Pottly N Tubby’s is a children’s home lifestyle brand that does everything from scratch. They aim to provide a full room set up for kids and create the belief that Philippine craftsmanship can compete with the rest of the world.

Photo 03-07-2016, 9 04 28 AMSo True Naturals: So True Naturals is a locally-made mom and baby skin care brand using the finest ingredients from all around the world. Started by a mom in a kitchen, armed with a stick blender and a mission to make better skin care choices for her family.

Photo 02-07-2016, 6 41 44 PMFäe All Natural: One of our favorites for the home are these hand poured candles made from locally sourced beeswax and organic essences from FäE. Lovingly created in four multi layered fragrances with a long lasting “clean burn”.

Photo 02-07-2016, 6 41 40 PMLupe Saenz: Lupe Saenz is a local shoe company offering leather shoes made with premium materials created by the artisans of Marikina City, the Philippines’ shoe capital.

HaranaHarana Surf Resort: Harana Resort is a vernacular, Filipino-Modern resort located in Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte. Only a walk away from the famous break, Cloud 9, they provide guests with some of the best surfing the Philippines has to offer.

BayaniBrewBayani Brew: Bayani Brew is more than just curiously yummy, ridiculously healthy, proudly homegrown beverages. It is, first and foremost, a passionate and unabashedly patriotic social enterprise on a mission to address the pressing problem of subsistence farmers living in poverty.

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