Spectrum Fair Manila 

A few months ago, I received an invite from Alyssa Arellano to take part in her one of a kind shopping event: Spectrum Fair Manila

11140267_1418049378521431_6302691306905143959_nIt all began when Alyssa and her very young mom Pia would search the globe for hard to find items and stumbled across a variety of different fun Pop Up store ideas along the way. They decided to bring back a bit of that unique shopping magic to our shores and created the concept of the first indoor/outdoor shopping event in the country.

The Fair will be held at White Space Manila and promises to be decorated to feel like an indoor garden. There will be an assortment of proudly local buyers. Which is were Try Local PH comes in.

My Try Local PH partners Kristine, Chesa, and I collaborated with Spectrum by curating a number of their local brands for the event. We also raffled off a free booth space to a deserving local brand. Little Luli: a homegrown children’s clothing line was the lucky winner.

Here are some pictures from talented young photographer Nikki Ruiz and stylist Martina Bautista showcasing some of the brand ambassadors for Spectrum.

Ava Daza for Baguettini, Rosanna Aranaz for Aranaz Tu, Milka Romero for Sushi Nori, Nicole Ortega for Morsels from my Kitchen, Erwan Heussaff for Sprout and me for Try Local PH

We hope to see you there!

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O’Right Hair Care

If there’s one thing about pregnancy I’m not a fan of, it’s how SO MUCH of my hair falls out a few months after giving birth.

When Andrea of Piandre Salon heard of my woes, she recommended I try O’Right: A Taiwanese haircare brand available at Piandre that has been noted to have the most green shampoo in the world. 2 million bottles of their hair tonic were sold after just one year and many have noticed that with just a month of use (you put it on at night before sleeping) they’ve seen great results. I also love how you can plant the box and seedlings will grow. Hopefully my hair will do the same.

Verdict after a few weeks of use: I am loving this shampoo. It’s smells amazing, suds like dream, and together with the conditioner gives my very fine limp hair volume I could only dream of a few weeks before. The conditioner isn’t heavy at all and you might wonder if it’s working, but it most certainly does the job.

Learn more about O’Right and Piandre Salon through their:

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Today was not the easiest of days in my breastfeeding journey. Let’s just say words like painful, swollen, massage, homeopathy, and *gasp* mastitis were thrown around quite a bit. But with such a strong support group of mom warriors to ask advice from and to check up on me, I believe I’m finally in the clear and on the road to recovery.

Yes, breastfeeding isn’t always easy. A number of women make enough milk to feed a small village, others have just enough, and some just a tiny bit. Supporting breastfeeding doesn’t mean your path has to be the same as everyone else’s. It means that you’re behind empowering others with the information needed to let them decide what’s best for their own story. Cheers to breastfeeding awareness month for helping make that possible.

Photo by Princess Yang for her #lifeunscriptedproject series

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