Aere Shoes

Loving these super comfy flats from Aere Shoes. Proudly local footwear handcrafted by Manila artisans. Here’s a tip: they are so cushioned that it would be good to get a half size bigger than what you normally wear. 

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Purveyr Magazine

I first met Marvin Conanan and Sara Martinez during an Instagram Meet a few years back. Since then, I’ve followed their path on Instagram loving how they showcase the best of what the young of the Philippines have to offer through their online magazine: Purveyr.

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Sara and Martin have decided to help their love child grow by turning it into a beautiful magazine. But they need funding to make this dream a reality.

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Here is their story:

“The Philippines is known for its tropical beauty, exotic vibe, country life, flamboyant culture and hospitality. Purveyr believes that these, although definitely worth celebrating, aren’t all. There is more to this country than what tourist catalogues and typical culture magazines say.

We dare to ask: What is there to see beyond the solitude of the coasts; in the spirit and character of the city? Beyond the traditional — in the modern and contemporary?

Anchored on our three values: to inspire Creativity, to elevate the Culture, and to stimulate the Community; we seek to explore the independent movements, local brands, streetwear culture, cycling communities, Filipino art and anything that has to do with the contemporary trends and lifestyles that the Philippines have and will have.

Since 2012, Purveyr has been promoting the modern Philippine modern culture through an online platform that brings news under these categories: style, art, design, music, food, culture, retail and travel. But we know better than to settle.

We visualized the brand taking the next step. This is what the Purveyr Magazine is about: a more tangible and timeless take on our mission and philosophy.” 

Here are some of the people they plan to feature in their maiden issue:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.34.15 pm

Filipino-Chinese illustrator: Valerie Chua

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.33.43 pm

Triathlete, celebrity foodie, and restaurateur: Erwan Heussaff


Entrepeneur and premier basketball concept store owner of Titan: Raul Reinoso

Learn more about their funding efforts through this video:

If you’re interested in owning the first copy of Purveyr click here to join their funding efforts on Indigogo.

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No. 9 Restaurant Cebu

Located in a renovated ancestral home in one of the busiest parts of Cebu is No. 9 Restaurant.

Owned and operated by brothers Iñaki and Pepin Martinez (childhood friends of mine from waaaaay back) this little gem features dishes they fondly remember being served while growing up in this beautiful house, as well as some new additions that are quickly becoming crowd favorites.

It’s hard to believe that No. 9 is only less than a year old. Iñaki (who takes care of the the business side) and Pepin (who handles the kitchen) run this restaurant like a well-oiled machine with each dish coming to our table even more amazing than the one that arrived before it. Our Baby Barangay had the privilege of trying this newcomer to Cebu’s competitive food scene during our recent trip and here are the items they served us. (Warning: don’t read while hungry!)

MENTA LIMONADA Minty Lemonade: light, refreshing, and perfect for the Cebu heat.

PATATAS BRAVAS fried potatos, aioli and brava sauce: Just the right amount of crunch and spice with each bite.

ESCALIVADA 150 marinated grilled eggplant, peppers and tomatoes, slow-cooked egg: This dish had a yummy medley of smokey flavor and tang. It would be perfect on top of some crusty bread.

LENGUA ox tongue, mustard, brioche: For those that aren’t fans of lengua when soft, I recommend trying it pan-fried like this. We spread the mustard on the bread and made them into min-sandwiches. Delicious.

FIDEO NEGRO broken noodles, squid, chorizo, squid ink, aioli: A Baby Barangay favorite. They certainly didn’t scrimp on the squid ink, which had all of us smiling with black teeth after. This dish was creamy, rich, and super tasty.

CERDO charcoal grilled 12-hour pork belly, arugula, salsa verde: A best-seller at No. 9 and we could totally understand why. The pork was super tender and the salsa verde gave this dish just the right amount of “zing”.

CORDERO AL HORNO roasted lamb shoulder: A new addition to their menu, which we were all more than happy to road test. The lamb shoulder was soft and moist, which isn’t always easy to do. Served with salsa verde and apple salsa, everyone kept going back for seconds and thirds.

Here are some other items we tried:

CREMA CATALANA CON MANGO custard, burnt sugar, mango

PIÑA Y COCO rum cake, pineapple, whipped coconut, cashew nuts

The ambiance of the restaurant was bright, spacious, and a little retro. It was also perfect for a large group like ours.



Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 2.11.18 pm

Here’s a little more about No. 9 from Iñaki and Pepin:

Our passion for good food started at the kitchen and dining table at home. Having grown up at No. 9, it seemed only fitting for us that we turn our ancestral home into a place where we could share our love of food with you.

Located at our old neighborhood of E. Benedicto Street, No. 9 gave us the opportunity to bring together the past and the future, melding elements of the old world with modern day. It features a newly renovated interior that coexists with the original exterior façade of the 50 year old house. A new lighting system illuminates the main dining hall while guests have a floor-to-ceiling view of the old garden and trees.

Our cuisine imbibes the same principles as the restaurant’s design, using both traditional and modern techniques in its preparation. In its essence, our menu can be described as a homage to the food we fell in love with. The dishes may look deceptively simple, but a lot of work and love has gone into its preparation.

Nothing would make us happier than to have our guests feel that love in every bite.


Iñaki and Pepin Martinez

No. 9 is located at E. Benedicto Street, Cebu City, Philippines. For reservations, contact them through +63 32 253 9518 or

Learn more about No. 9 and make your reservations through their:

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(Thank you to CarlKelly, and Patty for the additional pictures!)