The Parents Files Season 2 Episode 1 (Baby Proofing Your Home)

The Parents Files is back! In the first episode of our second season, I ask our veteran parents what accidents they’ve encountered while raising their humans. Some of their answers will shock you!

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Shot on location at The Parenting Emporium

Set Design by She Dreams in Ink

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Asian Eye Institute: My Post LASIK Experience (part 3 of 3)

photo-30-09-2016-11-38-13-amIt’s been two months since having my LASIK surgery done and I have to say there have been absolutely no regrets. My vision is amazing and I am still in awe at how easy the whole procedure was. You can read about my screening here and surgery here.

I still forget that I no longer need to plop on contact lenses or wear my glasses before bed. And it was the most satisfying feeling in the world to throw away my clunky bottles of saline solution, boxes of contact lenses, and put away the frames of my glasses. Sayonara!

Processed with Snapseed.I believe the only things that were mildly difficult about the whole process were having to stay home and wear protective goggles for a week. The goggles were not always comfortable, especially while sleeping. My eyes also felt especially dry for the first month and putting the medicated eye drops would sting or make them itchy initially. I also had these red splotches on my eyes from the suction that took a while to fade.

Processed with Snapseed.But all of the items mentioned above were beyond worth it when I look at how I am able to live life not dependent on glasses or contacts. It’s a new type of freedom that I didn’t think I would ever have again. Here are some additional tips I can share to help you through this part of the process:

1. Find a trusty salon and book before your LASIK: Like previously mentioned, be sure to book your appointments to the salon for hair washed during the first week.

2. Make sure your goggles are comfortable: I used to pad the sides of mine with cotton pads at night to make sure that they stay on and comfortable. During my first checkup, I found out that the goggles I were given were unusually too tight, that’s why I was getting headaches. If their uncomfortable, have them checked.

Processed with Snapseed.
3. Be religious about your medicated drops and checkups: There are a number of drops you will be required to use up to four times a day. These are there to keep your eyes clean and moisturized. You will also be required to do a a one day, one week, one month, and three month check-up on your eyes with Asian Eye which is all part of your LASIK Package. I love that they are so attentive about the healing after surgery.

Processed with Snapseed.4. Throw away old eye makeup: Why risk contaminating your new beautiful eye sight with an old mascara wand? Toss old eye shadows, mascara, and liner and consider it a gift to yourself when you buy new ones.

5. Plan your life accordingly: You won’t be allowed to swim for a month, so try to schedule your LASIK way before any important beach trips.

Processed with Snapseed.6. Fake tears are your best friend: Always have a small bottle of the prescribed moisture drops nearby to make sure that your eyes are never dry, which may damage their healing.

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A Gift From Body Food All Natural 


When Ana Gutch of Body Food All Natural sends you a gift, the experience of opening her present is almost as wonderful as using the actual gift.

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